Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1512 Week 4


When I think about geometry, I don't instantly think about angles, lines and shapes. I think about middle school. No, not teaching it, but living it. Awkwardly, racing down the the hall from a locker that was way too far away only to realize I was hustling for mmmaaath. No, worse. I was hustling for Geometry. So, I read the cover of my book again to make sure I was still in elementary math, I nodded my head and reminded myself, "Oh that's right, these kids learn way more than I did in elementary math. So, I dug in. The topics weren't too bad and I actually got a flood of memories back, lines, dots, angles and the Pythagorean theorem....yeah...I can do this!


Preschoolers and kindergarteners learn geometry. Huh? Why? Well a found a really short video that shows you exactly why. This video is from youtube and is actually from Sesame Street. Yes, Sesame Street teaches geometry!

This little demonstration shows that geometry is indeed relevant and also everywhere! If I think about making a pizza and making sure I cut it correctly to give enough pieces and even pieces. That is geometry. I bought a house a few years back and needed a really tall ladder to be able to paint an area on my vaulted ceiling, all the ladders I was choosing were coming up short. Maybe a little geometry would have helped me to figure out the right size to make sure I could safely reach all the spots I needed to reach. Another area I see geometry used in in art. Oh yes, art. If you think about sketching what is the first thing you do? You start with lines and shapes.

These are just small examples of everyday life. I have to say, since I have mentioned this before. I am a formula lover. I like to know what to use when. Geometry is full of formulas. So I guess geometry isn't so scary after all. And more importantly it is very important for even young children to learn.

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